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The Outdoor Yoga Space where outdoor yoga lovers can be together, safely as a community.

Making Yoga classes in Ireland equitable and accessible for all.

Wherever you are in Ireland and want to practice Yoga outdoors you can find a yoga class for you.

Below is our teaching community who have created this outdoor yoga offering for you. No matter where you are on the island of Ireland this summer you are close to a wonderful outdoor yoga class.

Some tips for practicing outside –
Bring 2 pairs of socks. Buy a sticky sole pair that will allow you to move on the mat without slipping. When it’s a bit warmer take the socks off and let your feet connect with the earth beneath. Wear a few loose, warm layers. Wear a hat. Bring a blanket to lie down in Savasana at the end of class and let the blue sky envelop you with warmth and love. A warm drink of tea or cacao is a must.

Chris Molloy, Dublin

Happiest when outside, connecting with Mother Nature. This project means so much to all us teachers. To bring our teaching outside, to experience the joy of practicing yoga in nature. To embrace the sounds of the outdoors, the air tickling your skin, the sensation of your feet rooted down in the earth, the sky above bathing you in light.

Join me for Sunset yoga 7.30pm Wednesday at Seapoint, maybe take a dip after. Or perhaps 8am in Dun Laoghaire on Friday morning works for you. Park Yoga is 11am Saturday in the Herbert Park. There are also yoga & brunch and other pop up yoga events along the way. Wrap up well to start and as you flow your body will warm up and the layers will come off. Bring a blanket for Savasana and prepare for the most beautiful class you could imagine.

Looking forward to having you in class x

Book now.

Evangeline, Cavan

Evangeline is a keen yogi and outdoor enthusiast living in county Cavan. Evangeline (500hr YTTC) has been teaching yoga in studios, halls, schools and churches in the North West of Ireland since 2016 and is looking forward to merging her two loves in the form of outdoor yoga classes. Her classes combine energising flows, world music, self love reminders and accessible meditation. She is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone and is excited to share her enthusiasm for the practice with you soon.

Sarah Gray, Dublin

Sarah found herself on the mat in 2016 and has been dedictated to her yoga practice since then due the many healing and therapeutic benefits – she has completed 250 HR Teacher Training at ElbowroomIrl which has been a transformational and enriching experience. Sarah loves nature and you will always find her climbing a mountain or in the sea and loves to take her yoga practice outdoors and into the elements. Sarah’s style is Mindful Yoga and she believes in the power of deep breath connection and mindful movement honouring where we are in the moment. Her classes are suitable for complete beginners and experienced yogis looking to slow down to deepen their practice. She believes that the mat is a sacred space where students should always feel safe and in control when practicing. Follow her journey on insta @sarahgrayogi

Sarah, Dublin

I discovered Yoga as a way to keep me sane while flying around the world as a flight attendant.
Initially I thought, this just isn’t for me. I’m far too inflexible/stressed/un-zen…But what I found was I began to crave the movement Yoga gave my body. I began to think differently about nutrition, health and wellness. Aches and pains I had from a grueling schedule began to melt away. It opened up a whole new awareness of my body that I had never appreciated before.

I trained as a Yoga teacher and Breathwork Coach and never looked back!
Incorporating the two I’m passionate about providing a fun, diverse range of yoga to everyone, especially those who feel it’s just ‘not for them’.

Orla, Carlow Kildare

I have always had a great grá for being outdoors and for our native heritage through my initial study of the Irish language, be it in my local woods or somewhere special along the beautifully rugged Irish coastline. In Ireland, our history and language is deeply rooted in the earth and the natural world so, to me, it feels somewhat instinctive to spend time outside and combining a yoga practice with that feels deeply nourishing and fulfilling.

It is my belief that we can nurture our bodies, our minds and our spirit through conscious connection to nature. The cyclical patterns our ancestors followed so closely, such as the phases of the moon, the changing of the seasons and the ebb and flow of the tides hold within them a magical dance between consistency and change that can serve us so very well.

The yoga I love to teach is very much informed by body awareness and greeting your body with presence and kindness regardless of how you find yourself arriving at your practice. The magic occurs in that very art of showing up for your body, mind and spirit. Our outdoor practice together will be delivered in a meaningful, connected and light hearted manner and will encompass elements of movement, exploration and ‘suaimhneas’ (rest). I firmly believe that by having aspects of the natural elements ‘intertwined’ throughout the practice, or as we would say in our native language – ‘fite fuaite’, it brings a whole new layer of awareness to our experience of movement and breath. Bígí linn – Join us!

Caoimhe is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Dublin. Caoimhe undertook her 200hr
Hatha yoga training in Yago Yoga, Ranelagh. She has also completed 60 further hours of Yin
yoga training with Grace Tempany at Dubyinyoga. Her yoga classes have a mindful focus,
which involve the breath, while encouraging students to intuitively move to their own
unique body and practice.

Caoimhe believes that by connecting to the body and breath in a compassionate way, you
give yourself the tool for transformation and calm. She grew up by the sea and has a deep
connection to nature. She is passionate about bringing yoga outdoors and believes that a
deeper connection to the earth beneath us will bring us closer to our state of equilibrium.
She has a strong belief that yoga needs to be accessible to all and looks forward to sharing
her love for yoga to others.

Des Doris has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2010. He discovered the practice quite by chance through a Christmas present from his wife, but immediately knew that it was for him. The physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice became immediately apparent and indeed became a great support in an often stressful career.

He decided that he wanted to pass on the benefits of the Ashtanga Practice to others in 2016 and embarked on a two year teacher training journey with David Collins of Ashtanga Yoga Dublin. David is the foremost Ashtanga teacher in Ireland having been a student of K. Pattabhi Jois, the father of modern Ashtanga in Mysore, India.

Des completed his teacher training in October 2017 and immediately started teaching Ashtanga for all levels in Yoga Dublin. He also teaches private and corporate classes. His classes are strong but accessible to all and in particular those with little or no Yoga experience.

Karen, Waterford

My approach incorporates creativity & fun on the mat , as well as shared sacred healing circles on the beach and in festivals through my kirtan & cacao ceremonies.

Sea swimming & hiking helps me forge strong relationships with like minded people in the community.

I have offered and attended some amazing workshops online over the last year and I am very excited to connect again over the next few months outdoors, sharing my love and passion of yoga, mindfulness and the benefits of the practice out in nature. A true believer that Yoga is for everyBODY. Incorporating playfulness with calm, dynamic flow with grounding, Tidal Soul Wellness brings balance to body, mind, breath & spirit. My classes have the right mix of fun, playfulness and mindful connection. Using sound to create silence within my kirtan mantra meditations you will soothe your soul. Immersing yourself in nature whilst practicing outdoor yoga and meditation will be the tonic you need to bring yourself back in alignment, feel balanced and rejuvenated.

Blaíthin, Sligo

Surrounded by mountains, lakes and the Atlantic ocean, frequent outdoor excursions are not seen as unusual. It became a natural tendency to spend time outdoors when in need of fun, or relaxation or social time or just about anything. Up to my early 30’s I followed the academic path with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry I worked as projects manager in the pharmaceutical industry. 10 years ago due to life changing circumstances I was called to dive deeper into my yoga practice and I completed Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in India in Jan 2012.

The Yoga philosophy and training that I have integrated into my life supports me through all my endeavours. I love teaching and thrill at having the opportunity to share these practices in all environments. My passion is the Adventure Yoga excursions that I collaborate with the Adventure Sligo Network to run. These include Hike to Yoga Excursions, Bike to Yoga, Beach Yoga and Surf Lessons and the annual favourite SUP to Beezies Island for Yoga and Picnic.

Any activity that brings you joy in a sustainable and healthy manner can be described as a life-enhancing activity. I endeavor through my work ethos and charitable initiatives to help make the benefits of these activities better understood and more accessible to all.

Barbara, Dublin

Barbara is passionate about movement and rehabilitation and her aim is to help people to move and feel better.
She is currently working on her Bsc.Sports Therapy degree.

She is practicing yoga for over 11 years and teaching since 2014 after qualifying as 250RYT in Thailand. Her favourite style is Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Her classes are mix of energetic flow and peaceful movement to nourish the body and mind with focus of breath.

Jenn, Sligo

Whether it’s a day spent on the beach or a week spent backpacking through forests and up peaks, there is a remarkable sense of belonging and acceptance that comes with being in the great outdoors. While there are many ways to benefit from the wonders of nature, I have found that embarking on an outdoor yoga journey is one way to deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us.

As a physiotherapist with a background in kinesiology and psychology, I am incredibly passionate about human movement and the mind-body connection. Having recently completed Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training, I am thrilled to bring outdoor yoga classes to my community and to connect with others as we continue together on this yoga journey.

Gomathy, Dublin

Originally from India- the land of yoga , my dedicated yoga journey started in Ireland 6 years ago when the yoga practice helped me with the terrible back pain that I experienced during and after pregnancy. Yoga soon became a part of my life and I realised its profound physical and mental benefits with more exploration.

I discovered my love for teaching when as a toddler my daughter took a yoga mat and practiced alongside me. My yoga teacher training journey has been an incredible experience for me to understand how yoga can be more than just the asanas and how it can be a great tool to deal with our stressful lives. This reflection is the principle of my yoga classes which incorporates movement, breath & meditation aligning with asana, pranayama & dhyana – the three of the eight limbs of yoga as stated by Patanjali. I am based in South Dublin and having embraced the Irish weather now (well, to an extent, I have started enjoying the outdoors. Love long walks, mountains and any amount of sunshine!

You can follow me on instagram land @thehappycircleireland.

Maider, Dublin

I started practicing yoga 10 years ago and since then yoga has become a central part of my life.

Through yoga I have learnt to connect with myself and others and I have made the most beautiful friendships.

My style is a mix of styles, my classes focus on connecting breath and movement as well as on integrating attention to alignment in dynamic flows.

My aim is to share creative, invigorating and inclusive classes that make the practitioner feel good; Yoga is for everyone and what moves me is a deep commitment to make people feel better.

Teaching with a light-hearted approach I encourage students to build up strength from a place of gentleness.

Anna, Dublin.

Anna was first introduced to yoga over 20 years ago in her native Sweden, and went on enjoying and exploring various styles and approaches .
It wasn’t until a few years later, after moving to Dublin , when she was introduced to a style of Vinyasa yoga, that really resonated with her.
Since then Anna has committed to a regular practice and made yoga a core part of her life.
Anna completed her 200 hr Teacher Training in the Yoga Room in 2017, and has also completed trainings in Yin, Restorative, yoga Nidra and is also trained as a Somatic Exercise Coach.
Anna believes that yoga is for everyone and encourages students to practice in a way that honours their bodies and needs.
She teaches Vinyasa yoga with influences from other styles.
Her classes emphasise awareness of breath, alignment and mindfulness.

Anna is looking forward to teaching outdoor classes in Dublin south city.

Rosie, Clare.

Rosie is living in West Clare. I am a yoga & wellness Coach exercise & Health fitness Coach and have been practicing for over 20 years, teaching for almost 8 years. 2 years ago I qualified as a life coach. I marry all that I know to offer outdoor yoga classes, online yoga, outdoor day retreat experiences, 1:1 female well-being programs, Lean queen program ( Health and exercise fitness ).

I am A busy working Mom of 4 girls. I love to wild swim, catch the sunrise, Hike and be in Nature in my spare time. I ride a motorcycle around the winding roads of County Clare and beyond. I love Loyality, Freedom and Fun. I help people thrive to be happier and healthier in the own bodies minds and souls, Healing in a positive holistic way.

Mairead, North Dublin

My passion is helping people to feel good in body and mind. I believe that balance is very important – the balance between being physically active and eating well, but most importantly enjoying life in the modern day world. Yoga and mindfulness help to bring balance and calm to my life.

I have been teaching yoga since 2003 – in studios, offices, campuses and parks. Outdoor yoga allows us to connect with nature bringing even more balance and calm to our lives.
I will be teaching outdoors on Monday evenings in Santry Park, and Wednesday evenings in Robswall Park, Malahide.

Michelle Carton. Dublin.

I am so excited to share what I have learned to help others experience the many benefits of yoga.

My mission is to bring people in the community together to share the health benefits of yoga & improve wellness in a fun & supported environment, where self-love is embraced ❤

My students/clients say that I teach at a nice pace, that my classes set them up for the day ahead and they feel more energetic. So if that sounds good to you, meet me outside on your mat .. wrap up, bring a towel/blanket and prepare to feel calmer & have more energy afterwards.

Deirdre, Dublin

Deirdre is a qualified Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Yoga Nidra teacher. She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is passionate about working with the body. Her yoga journey has brought her deeper into her practice and she is currently a student of Ateeka in YogaSomatics. She is a qualified Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist and has worked with many clients from all walks of life. Deirdre has a creative background from working in the fashion industry for many years. She has a keen interest in spirituality and the esoteric which she weaves into her teachings.


I was so sad and sorry when my last yoga teacher decided to move home to Italy. I thought I would never find a better teacher & then… I found Chris. She delivers a wonderfully unique class which is a marriage of movement and breath. Her class delivers a complete workout for whatever level you’re at, whilst being easy on the body and calming the mind. I look forward to every class and have never felt stronger or better.

C. Horgan

Christine conveys an immense passion for yoga. Her energy is palpable. She also has a discerning understanding of how the body works when practicing yoga. I really enjoy her classes which leave me feeling full of positivity!

D. O’Reilly

Christine is a great yoga teacher and I recommend you give her a go.  She is very spiritual but her love of family and her surroundings come through clearly in her teaching - I have wished so many times to be with her in Dublin on the beach, in the studio, in the park! I have loved her classes via Zoom and her early morning Rise and Shine class has been a fantastic start to my day.  She is very knowledgeable and clearly puts a lot into planning each month and each week. Her classes are well prepared and she takes time to explain positions with variations too so that it is suitable for many levels. Having practised with her for 6 months, she keeps her practice interesting with different themes so that no 2 classes are completely the same.  I am loving my yoga journey with her and look forward to it continuing for many years.

N. Roberts

Absolutely love Chris’s yoga classes. It has become a staple part of my week to keep my mind clear and my body right. Chris is a fantastic teacher and I especially enjoy her meditation and reflections during class. Chris herself is such a fantastic person both inside and out and her light is infectious! 

S. Foley



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