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January is done!

I for one am glad that January 2021 is gone and am thoroughly ready to embrace Spring in all her glory. Happy Imbolc, or St. Brigid’s day, the patron saint of babies, cattle & farmers. Here’s to Spring, to longer, warmer days.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Self Care Workshop yesterday. Grainne shared amazing insights on how to soothe the flight/ fight stress response and there was so much to learn about how to ignite or relax the glands by massaging the face & hands. To help relax ourselves & those we are caring for. We will repeat this workshop again later in the year.

If you would like to join me for another 30 days of Yoga, Meditation, Nidra and be the first to know about amazing Workshops then please join me here. Classes are –

Tuesday 9am a strength based class where everyone is welcome and you go as far as you want to embrace on the day.

Thursday 7pm WindDown a juicy Yin style class where we allow the benefits of a slower practice to nurture us from the inside.

Saturday 10am Nature inspired Vinyasa, a little faster flow but still open to everyone as the ultimate teacher to listen to is you!

Developing & cultivating healthy habits will help you deal with this abnormal situation we are living in. Yoga, sleep, a good diet, some exercise and positive mental tasks will help keep us on track for Spring.

Much love & light,


Coming to the end of January

As we come to the end of Winter and it’s been a long one, we were greeted at the weekend with a blanket of white. Many of us woke up to a blanket or flurry of snow. The pictures above are from students practicing with me in Austria, the UK and where I live in Dublin, thank you for sharing. White, this strong primary colour that we are bathed in at the moment is the colour for healing & protection so it’s kind of the universe giving us what we need at this time. Thank you so much to all who came to the Joy of Colour workshop with Aoife aka TheStyleBob and myself yesterday, I am thinking in colour, living in colour since spending time with Aoife and her colour wisdom. We will run this workshop again there was so much covered and so much to cover!

So let’s prepare to welcome Spring & all that this transitionary season brings. If you’re thinking of gardening perhaps purchase some seeds, I was listening to Marion Keogh talking about gardening at the weekend on RTE radio 1 with Brendan O’Connor her piece is towards the end if you want to listen in. There are some great Irish seed providers out there whom you can find with a quick search, if you’ve never planted anything before perhaps this is exactly the right time to try.

Self care is so important at the moment, realistically it always should be but now more than ever, from talking to you guys I know we are all finding it tough. So I am running a workshop with Grainne Hughes who is a reflexologist, massage therapist & a passionate advocate for women’s health & wellness. The workshop will look at what’s going on in the world, stress, disrupted sleep patterns, anxiety, and invite us to move out of this heightened state of living. Creating a space for ourselves to access genuine rest & acts of self care. I will also be offering a recipe for a red lentil soup.

What the morning will look like – 30 minutes of Gentle & Restorative Asana practice to slow down the body, invite stillness into our lives. A 10 minute meditation will follow. After this the magic of relaxation should unfold you to prepare to lie down and open up to further healing with Grainne leading 45 minutes of self massage. 

This workshop will be 1.5 hours in length, a workshop to invite us all to do less while offering yourself more. A space to feel into your mind & body. Tickets for this event will go live later today.

Teaching schedule this week –

Sunday meditation free to all those on 30 days of Yoga

Tuesday 9am, Morning flow. Open to all, a space to build strength, to go as far as your body tells you in each Asana, dancing optional

Wednesday 8.30pm, Free Yoga Nidra on Instagram stories

Thursday 7pm, WindDown yoga. The class to totally relax into your body, to allow the stillness of holding poses flow through you.

Saturday 10am, Nature inspired Vinyasa. A bit more challenging but do as much as you like & always remember to take the pause. Surya Namsakar to greet to Spring sun rising in the East.

Have a wonderful day,

Chris x

Blue Monday?

Blue the colour of spirituality, intuition, inspiration and inner peace. It is also associated with sadness and depression (the “blues”). Today is officially Blue Monday but hey how you approach this day is up to you. If you can get outside and walk or run under the vast blue sky great, if you have the sea within your 5km why not take a dip in blue? One of my favourite songs to dance around to is Blue Monday from New Order have a listen here. There is a sense of Spring coming through today, I hope you can touch into that sense of hope.

In healing blue is used for cooling and calming, both physically and mentally. In the aura blue indicates serenity, contentment and spiritual development. If you would like to know more about colour & how it frames our perception of ourselves & the world around us then join Aoife aka TheStyleBob & myself next Sunday 24th at 11am for a journey through colour. We will begin with an asana practice, a gentle mediation & then Aoife will share her colour wisdom. Tickets are available over on the events page of my site.

Have a wonderful day wishing you blue healing energy x


Lockdown 3

Not sure where to go with this lockdown?

Lockdown 3, January, home schooling, the US, COVID, there is a lot going on at the moment.

I’m sure you’ve given thought to the next few weeks and what your daily routine might look like. There are great tips for us this time round, an early morning 5km walk or maybe a run to greet the new day. The food you eat will play a huge part of your physical & mental well being so here are some breakfast recipes shared by the wonderful Lisa Davies who is on Instagram as @saspansospan. Perhaps a swim in the sea if that’s within your 5km, please remember it’s cold so wear a hat, booties and gloves if you have them. What about colour? We are sensual beings, we rely on our senses to help us survive & enjoy the pleasures of life. it’s important to become conscious of the sensory impressions you are exposed to every day, favouring impulses that promote harmony versus discord. An easy way to begin practicing well-being through the senses is starting with the sense of sight and the power of color. Can you pop some green to bring peace to thought & mind, perhaps some pink to provide unconditional love to yourself & those around you at this time.

Can you commit to a daily Yoga practice? My teaching schedule this week is live classes –

Tuesday 9am a juicy Morning flow a safe place to challenge yourself

Thursday 7pm, WindDown Yoga the best part of the week, where we invoke total relaxation & openness of the body.

Saturday 10am, nature inspired flow.

a 3 day recording will be sent to all, so if you can’t make a live class then you have the recording to do the class when suits you.

You will also receive a Sunday evening meditation, a guiding light for the week ahead.

There are some really exciting workshops coming up throughout 2021, the first of which is this Friday 15th, The Foundations of Yoga. This is a workshop for those who are curious to learn a little more about Yoga than a regular class affords. There are a few places left please sign up here if you’re interested in coming along.

Get in touch, let me know how it’s all going.

Much love, light, lunges xxx



I was so sad and sorry when my last yoga teacher decided to move home to Italy. I thought I would never find a better teacher & then… I found Chris. She delivers a wonderfully unique class which is a marriage of movement and breath. Her class delivers a complete workout for whatever level you’re at, whilst being easy on the body and calming the mind. I look forward to every class and have never felt stronger or better.

C. Horgan

Christine conveys an immense passion for yoga. Her energy is palpable. She also has a discerning understanding of how the body works when practicing yoga. I really enjoy her classes which leave me feeling full of positivity!

D. O’Reilly

Christine is a great yoga teacher and I recommend you give her a go.  She is very spiritual but her love of family and her surroundings come through clearly in her teaching - I have wished so many times to be with her in Dublin on the beach, in the studio, in the park! I have loved her classes via Zoom and her early morning Rise and Shine class has been a fantastic start to my day.  She is very knowledgeable and clearly puts a lot into planning each month and each week. Her classes are well prepared and she takes time to explain positions with variations too so that it is suitable for many levels. Having practised with her for 6 months, she keeps her practice interesting with different themes so that no 2 classes are completely the same.  I am loving my yoga journey with her and look forward to it continuing for many years.

N. Roberts

Absolutely love Chris’s yoga classes. It has become a staple part of my week to keep my mind clear and my body right. Chris is a fantastic teacher and I especially enjoy her meditation and reflections during class. Chris herself is such a fantastic person both inside and out and her light is infectious! 

S. Foley



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