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Spring, it’s time to get outside.

The days are longer which means Spring is here, & with Spring it’s time to get outside. This is fantastic news, I just love the lick of warmer air against my face on early morning jogs or walks. The sea is even a little warmer and the earth is heating up. If you have bulbs or seeds now is the time to start planting. I look forward to being able to practice outside with you all again, soon.

A good morning routine is so important for our mental health, could you start the day with a few minutes of meditation, perhaps join me for Rise & Shine at 7.15am Friday morning for a flow body flow followed by 10 minutes seated meditation. In Spring it’s time to get outside & really embrace this wonderful season.

If you can, get some sunlight on your eyes, your whole body will thank you. The body responds to light on the retina, helping your brain & body to get going. Your eye contains photosensitive cells in the retina which connect directly to the pituitary gland. This gland plays a major role in your general wellbeing. So sunshine is good for you, go out and enjoy.

I really hope we can be together outside in the park together soon, until then here is the schedule of zoom classes available.

To book your 30 days of Yoga click here. This pass is valid for 30 days from date of purchase, so you can join any day of the month. To see a full description of what each class offering looks like click here.

There are drop in rates also available for all classes. Why not invite a friend to join you in class, you could chat to each other online over a cuppa post class or even meet outside for a walk if you live closeby.

Teaching Schedule this week –

Tuesday 9am, Morning Flow

Wednesday 8.30pm, Nidra on Instagram Live

Thursday 7pm, WindDown

Friday 7.15am, Rise & Shine

Saturday 10am, Nature Inspired Vinyasa Flow

Have a wonderful day, see you on the mat x


Continuing to learn through Yoga

Spring is here in Dublin, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, we have started our planting & it’s the perfect time of year to start something new. This time of year always fills me with hope & this year more than others I need that hope to anchor myself.

Over the past few months I have studied Kriya yoga, Tantra yoga and have just completed a module on Neuroscience from Harvard. It’s been amazing to get the cogs working again and thinking about how everything & everyone is interrelated. I guess that’s the yoga way. All of these areas have been brought into my classes so I hope you are enjoying the different elements of yoga in each class. Yoga is each persons direct participation in the nurturing force of reality, appearing as you and everything else. By practicing yoga you send signals to the body that you are safe and dampen down the neuro chemicals that hold you in a heightened state. Each time you come to the mat ask what do I need today? Take just that & enjoy. Let me know how yoga is helping you at the moment.

Teaching Schedule this week

Please remember all classes are open level, there is a place for everyone in our yoga community.

Tuesday 9am Morning flow, a class where everyone is welcome to flow and try out some asana that maybe you haven’t done before. A safe space to build strength.

Wednesday 8.30pm Nidra. If you haven’t experienced a Nidra before then I invite you to join me on Instagram live for a practice where you lie down and enjoy this dance between being awake & asleep.

Thursday 7pm WindDown yoga, the weekly reset button. This class invites you to slow down, to move slowly and mindfully while letting the week just go.

Friday 7.15am Rise & Shine yoga, a 30 minutes fast paced class followed by 10 minutes of seated meditation.

Saturday 10am Nature inspired Vinyasa flow, greet the day with Surya Namaskar followed by a flowing practice with the odd inversion or arm balance.

All classes free to those on 30 days of Yoga, drop in rates also available for each class. To book into 30 days of yoga click here. All classes have a 3 day recording sent to you after class x

Much love & light


Together as a Community

Practicing yoga together outside has been an amazing gift 2020 gave me. There was rain, cold, clouds, but my most enduring memory is of being together outside under the vast blue sky turning our mats towards the East and doing rounds of Surya Namaskar to greet the morning sun in Herbert Park. Memories of being together to watch the sun go down over Seapoint as we flowed through a Vinyasa class on the beach & then taking a dip in the cold Irish water. Memories of hiking up Ticknock, walking over ice & snow, then meeting the sunrise over Dublin City while we flowed through our practice.

Each time we meet ourselves in nature we get to reconnect with our inner selves, our own true Nature is revealed. It’s a wondrous journey this life. Find something that makes you happy & then commit to it.

I feel so blessed to have found yoga, to have my students with me on Zoom at the moment but look forward to seeing you all again in person, soon. We will be together again, back to the park, back to the mountains & back to the sea.

Classes this week –

Tuesday 9am Morning Flow. 1 hour to flow to build strength & work on your balance.

Wednesday 8.30pm Yoga Nidra on Instagram Live. Total reset for the body & mind.

Thursday 7pm WindDown. The weekly reset button as we slow it right down.

Friday 7.15am New Class – 30 minutes of movement & mantra through music followed by 10 minutes of meditation & pranayama. In 2020 I taught Thursday morning Rise & Shine so think it might be fun to reintroduce an early morning class for the early birds like myself x

Saturday 10am Nature inspired Vinyasa. The most beautiful class to allow you to move through nature themes.

All classes free to those on 30 Days of Yoga, click here to purchase 30 days of yoga, but drop in rates also available.

Stay strong,

C x


I was so sad and sorry when my last yoga teacher decided to move home to Italy. I thought I would never find a better teacher & then… I found Chris. She delivers a wonderfully unique class which is a marriage of movement and breath. Her class delivers a complete workout for whatever level you’re at, whilst being easy on the body and calming the mind. I look forward to every class and have never felt stronger or better.

C. Horgan

Christine conveys an immense passion for yoga. Her energy is palpable. She also has a discerning understanding of how the body works when practicing yoga. I really enjoy her classes which leave me feeling full of positivity!

D. O’Reilly

Christine is a great yoga teacher and I recommend you give her a go.  She is very spiritual but her love of family and her surroundings come through clearly in her teaching - I have wished so many times to be with her in Dublin on the beach, in the studio, in the park! I have loved her classes via Zoom and her early morning Rise and Shine class has been a fantastic start to my day.  She is very knowledgeable and clearly puts a lot into planning each month and each week. Her classes are well prepared and she takes time to explain positions with variations too so that it is suitable for many levels. Having practised with her for 6 months, she keeps her practice interesting with different themes so that no 2 classes are completely the same.  I am loving my yoga journey with her and look forward to it continuing for many years.

N. Roberts

Absolutely love Chris’s yoga classes. It has become a staple part of my week to keep my mind clear and my body right. Chris is a fantastic teacher and I especially enjoy her meditation and reflections during class. Chris herself is such a fantastic person both inside and out and her light is infectious! 

S. Foley



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