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Sunrise at the this time of year…..

It’s spectacular isn’t it? Watching the sun rise each day gives me this sense of renewed hope, hope for each new day that brings wonder, fun and amazement in everything I do. Am I lucky? Damn straight I am, I am fit, healthy, my family is around me. I am loved. I am whole. The sunrise gives me this sense of all will be ok.

If you can get to watch the sunrise it’s about 8.21am at the moment, rising by about a minute earlier each day. These photos above are taken at the Forty Foot in Dublin. Sunrise is so special there, the community stops to watch our sun roll out her golden love some days it wraps around me like a fleece blanket telling me all will be ok. Some days it brings me to tears just how beautiful she is.

I can’t wait for Saturday morning sunrise classes to recommence at Seapoint. As soon as the weather gets a little warmer. If you do fancy joining me for an outdoor class then come along Saturday 11am in Herbert Park. Or you’re still online join me Saturday 9am for an outdoor inspired Vinyasa practice.

Join me for Yoga this week –

Tuesday 9am online – Morning Flow.

Wednesday 7.30 online – Evening Flow with a nice long Savasana

Thursday 7pm online – WindDown yoga. The class for total rest

Saturday 9am online -Nature inspired Vinyasa flow

Saturday 11am Park Yoga Herbert Park

Click here to join me in class.

Much love yogi

x Chris

Calm the mind, rest, find your true nature.

Yogi friends, I hope you are having a good start to this new year & you are not that’s ok. Pause, take a few gentle breaths then remember that you are loved. January can be a month of many lists, things to do, places to see, new activities that fill our time. We get so busy doing that we forget to just be.

When we practice together, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your face relax. When you lift out of Savasana and allow the full residue of your practice to resonate with you. I can see skin release tension, your body give over to peace.

Yoga offers this potential of achieving peace and calm on a daily basis. Each morning try meditate in a quiet space maybe for a minute or 2, maybe more. Enjoy your yoga practice either a live class or use the 7 day recordings that you receive when you sign up to class. See if you can bring the gifts yoga offer into your life. A more balanced way of dealing with a difficult person in your life. A nicer way to talk to yourself. Yoga teaches us that the breath is the pathway to the mind. So each time you need it, it’s there simply breathe in good thoughts, visualise your breath as a colour perhaps yellow. See it enter your body your guiding light radiating inside, around your body. As you exhale you then release the negative thoughts and images.

This takes practice, you are changing the way you think. It’s not easy and it requires consistency and self -effort.

Each evening, take the time to reflect. Just a few minutes to realise how good your day was, and if it wasn’t why? And what can you do to change it tomorrow? You won’t have all the answers but your intuition is strong. Trust yourself, listen hard. You know, deep inside, you know.

Join me for class this week –

Monday 7am, 20 minutes of meditation free class

Tuesday 10am, online Morning flow

Wednesday 7.30pm, online Evening flow

Thursday 7pm, online WindDown yoga. The rest & reset part of your week.

Saturday 9am, online Vinyasa. Raise your vibration (and heartrate).

All online classes come with a 7 day recording for you to use when you can.

Saturday 11am, Park Yoga in the Herbert Park. The sun was spectacular in the park yesterday. We flowed through our Vinyasa with the rays bouncing on our faces and hands.

To join me in any of these classes please click here.

See you on the mat, so much love, peace, Namaste,

x Chris

Today I really needed a rest.

Today I took a nap, wild right but it’s been a whirlwind of emotion this past week so I needed it. I know all the right things to do meditate, good night’s sleep, exercise, eat well, drink less. Sticking to my rituals and routines that nurture me, being with those I love and taking time alone sometimes eludes me.

I got home to Tipperary this weekend to spend time with family, to be with the women I love and it was really nurturing. The fresh country air, the fireside chats, the abundance of food (we are feeders), the music and craic. So my heart is full, my spirit is revitalised and so the titling of the world seems to me less heavy. It’s a full moon tonight, the first of 2022 and aptly named the Wolf Moon. Wolves tend to be together in packs, howling to reinforce social bonds. If you feel the call take a moment tonight howl to the moon, let your voice be heard to your pack, your tribe.

If you haven’t been with the women you love for a while, call them, see them if you can. Reach out and tell them you love them. The beauty of moving back to conscious living with those whom you love if the gift of beauty that resides in your own heart when the love is ignited.

Teaching Schedule this week –

Monday 7am online meditation club sign in here

Tuesday 10am online Morning flow. Exploring our Āsana from a renewed perspective of a beginner

Wednesday 7.30pm online evening flow – a class to move and enjoy some subtle joy from going a bit further

Thursday 7pm online WindDown yoga – a yin style class to hit the reset button

Friday 12.15pm online – lunchtime express. An invigorating, rejuvenating class to break away from your desk and allow you to sit comfortably for the afternoon.

Saturday 9am online – Vinyasa flow

Saturday 11am Herbert Park. Park yoga amongst the green trees and blue skies.

to book into any of these classes please click here

All online classes have a 7 day recording, which will arrive in your Inbox shortly after the end of class.

Much love to you all

x Chris

Can you join me for Meditation Monday 7am club?

January is the time to reset, to create space and assess what worked and what didn’t in the previous year. Rather than joining gyms or committing to practices that you can’t sustain, join me for Meditation and see if this is something for you. Meditation is not a fix all, or even a plaster over the wounds of life. It’s simply a tool, another one for your life tool kit. There are lots of studies that show the benefits of meditation helping to alleviate anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve cognitive function and delay ageing.

Join me tomorrow Monday 10th at 7am for 20 minutes of meditation. This is a free class, simply sign up here. Why free because it works and I want to share it with you. This offering will be for 4 weeks in January, learning simple techniques to enable you to sit still, to quieten the mind and help begin your day in the best possible way. Camera on or off, pyjamas on or off it’s up to you. You just need a bit of space, a blanket or yoga mat and 20 minutes of your time.

In the words of Arianna Huffington –

Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, but recognising we are more than our thoughts and our feelings.

Arianna Huffington

This class is just a step, there is no miracle to a quiet calm state of living but practice (like everything in life) is what’s key. So join me learn some simple techniques and maybe a meditation practice will become part of your everyday.

Peace, love, namaste x



I was so sad and sorry when my last yoga teacher decided to move home to Italy. I thought I would never find a better teacher & then… I found Chris. She delivers a wonderfully unique class which is a marriage of movement and breath. Her class delivers a complete workout for whatever level you’re at, whilst being easy on the body and calming the mind. I look forward to every class and have never felt stronger or better.

C. Horgan

Christine conveys an immense passion for yoga. Her energy is palpable. She also has a discerning understanding of how the body works when practicing yoga. I really enjoy her classes which leave me feeling full of positivity!

D. O’Reilly

Christine is a great yoga teacher and I recommend you give her a go.  She is very spiritual but her love of family and her surroundings come through clearly in her teaching - I have wished so many times to be with her in Dublin on the beach, in the studio, in the park! I have loved her classes via Zoom and her early morning Rise and Shine class has been a fantastic start to my day.  She is very knowledgeable and clearly puts a lot into planning each month and each week. Her classes are well prepared and she takes time to explain positions with variations too so that it is suitable for many levels. Having practised with her for 6 months, she keeps her practice interesting with different themes so that no 2 classes are completely the same.  I am loving my yoga journey with her and look forward to it continuing for many years.

N. Roberts

Absolutely love Chris’s yoga classes. It has become a staple part of my week to keep my mind clear and my body right. Chris is a fantastic teacher and I especially enjoy her meditation and reflections during class. Chris herself is such a fantastic person both inside and out and her light is infectious! 

S. Foley



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