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Yoga classes for August

Gone fishing, I’m heading off for a few weeks. I’m taking a break for the next few weeks and I’m very excited to be able to take this time to recharge. I’m going to make a hard and fast rule around work for the next few weeks so you won’t hear from me too much on social media or indeed via email. Being present in my teaching, is a creative process that takes work which is right, but and when so much energy goes into teaching, into creating yogic experiences, it’s work and I feel privileged to be able to have this as my work life but I also need to take a break. So below is the timetable of Yoga classes for August.

Being present for my family, for my friends, for myself it’s important also. Yoga has given me so much opportunity to connect with people on levels that honestly I did not think was possible, to open up to amazing joy in people. But I need to tune that energy into my family and into myself as that all gets a little set aside during the creative process of teaching, workshops, events. So my focus will be on them.

Taking time out allows us to ruminate or manifest what we really want in this world, I am lucky to have found my calling. This time will give me space to mull over the next step in my teaching journey.

In person classes –

Park Yoga Saturday 11am Herbert Park, Sarah Grey and Jen Flanagan will cover these classes so please continue to show up to these classes. You can sign up to this class here

Sunset beach yoga Wednesday 7.30pm, Caoimhe Shanley will cover these classes while I am away. You may have met Caoimhe in June when she covered this class. Please continue to support this class by signing up here

All other in person classes will recommence end of August.

If you have signed up to the 30 days of Yoga class pack you will receive a 30 day class pack of recordings. If you wish to purchase this class pack this simply click here.

Have a beautiful next few weeks, I hope you get an opportunity to spend time with those who are important to you.

Much love x


Outdoor Yoga this week

Join me for Outdoor Yoga classes in Dublin this week at the following places –

Tuesday 7pm WindDown Yoga in the Park. Meet us in the Herbert Park, Dublin 4. A 1 hour Yoga class open to all levels, roll out your mat it’s a beautiful week so bring some water. Gentle flowing yoga under the bright Dublin sky. An extra long Savasana at the end.

Wednesday 7.30pm, Yoga, Kirtan & Cacao with an optional dip in the sea. Watch the sunset as we flow through our evening practice. Kirtan Dublin will provide the sounds for the evening. If you have a 30 day or 4 class pass click here to join us. Otherwise please click here to join us for this evening of yoga and sounds. This class sells out every week please book well in advance.

Friday 8am, Yoga outside, Yoga in Dun Laoghaire. A wonderful way to start your day. 1 hour of flowing yoga Āsana (poses) and meditation.

Saturday 11am, Yoga in the Park is in the Herbert Park. Meet under the tree, turn your mat to face the sun and flow through your morning yoga practice with the weekly yoga community.

Weekly Zoom Yoga Classes –

Tuesday 9am, Yoga for Strength. This yoga class is all about building strength in body and mind through breathwork. Lots of queues to help guide you through this class. You will get a 7 day recording of this class.

Thursday 7pm WindDown Yoga. Bring blankets, bolsters, yoga strap or simply your dressing gown strap and let’s slow it all down.

To join any of the classes above simply click here.

Much love, peace, Namaste

x Chris

The Power of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga go far beyond the beautiful shapes we make with our bodies. Last week, on a number of occasions the power of Yoga revealed itself to me as a teacher and to my students. On a daily basis I read, practice and feel a shift in conscious living. When this shows up in my students I feel truly honoured that I can share this gift of Yoga. to see a manifestation of awareness build through sustained practice. Through rolling out your mat, through yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices that draw you into conscious living.

Stress is a learned behaviour, fear on the other hand isn’t. Hurt and pain all of these emotions are present in our lives but how we react can help us grow stronger. Fear is more often based on what might happen, a future unknown. Pain is based on what has happened in our past. Hurt from those who have caused us pain. But it’s the learning from all the good and bad that makes you unstoppable or as Miley Cyrus put it, it’s the climb!

Balancing your energy –

If you find yourself in need of a practice to settle your mind try this, click on the image to take you to a relaxing playlist. Hit play and try the breathing practice below.

Simple Energy Balancing Technique

Take a moment. Sit down. Ground your energy. Focus on your heart centre and begin to take smooth easy deep breaths. Think of something that brings you joy, or of someone or some place that your love. Keep breathing and focusing on your heart centre. Notice as your energy begins to change. By tuning in and becoming aware of the subtle you can literally feel energy start to fill your body. Anxiety lessens. We come home to ourselves.

Join me on the mat this week –

Tuesday 9am, via Zoom the class to build strength. Join me to work through Chataranga, some arm balances & inversions. All done safely & playfully in the comfort of your home.

Wednesday 7.30pm, Seapoint Yoga & Dip. Join me for a Yoga overlooking the water and an optional dip in high tide.

Thursday 7pm, via Zoom. WindDown Yoga, the reward to yourself after a long and busy week to allow the body to relax, to open out in gentle movement and deep holds.

Friday 8am, Dun Laoghaire Yoga by the boats. Beside the light headquarters, join me for a sun facing Surya class.

Saturday 9am, via Zoom. Vinyasa class

Saturday 11am, Park Yoga. Vinyasa facing the sun. Open to all levels.

The open air classes sell out every week, please book today if you wish to join me. Click here to book.

There are many options of passes available to practice with me, drop in for each class, a 4 class pass or join me for 30 days of yoga which gives you access to all Zoom & in person classes for 30 days. Click here to purchase the 30 day pass.

Practicing Yoga Outside

There’s nothing wild about any of the places I teach. We are of nature so the return to nature to practice yoga is well natural. You’ll find me in parks, by the sea & in any area that feels inviting. When I first step into a place I check out the energy there, if it feels right I’ll put on a class. There is a calling from nature, an invitation to be.

Yoga gives you this wonderful opportunity to replenish your vital energy through meditation and practice, a Sadhana. Being outside while practicing invites you to move slowly as though you are moving through water. Spontaneous movements come alive when you dip inwards.

Embrace the balance of being outside, on Wednesday evening it’s not day or night. It’s between light and dark.

The nervous system is responsible for taking perceptions of the outside world and merging those with perceptions of the inside world = interoception. If you can be present in your own body consciousness while being outside amazing things happen. You come back to yourself. You reconnect. You focus.

To be able to change your brain the power of focus is the starting point. Neuroplasticity is triggered by intense focus. Also occurs during deep sleep and rest. So many people tell me how well they sleep after the Wednesday evening class, and yep that goes for me also. The movement of body in practice, the caress of water on your skin.

It’s not about manifesting or grabbing or getting or competing. It’s about aligning with the truth of who you are so that you can spontaneously interact with life in a way that is authentic/ in alignment to you.

Join me at one of my outdoor classes this week –

Tuesday 7-8pm WindDown yoga in Herbert park.
Wednesday 7.30pm Sunset yoga Seapoint
Friday 8am Dun Laoghaire
Friday 12pm Herbert Park lunchtime express
Saturday 11am Herbert Park Surya to ease your mind and flush the week away.

You can join me at all of these classes by either purchasing a 30 day pass here or simply drop in for each class by clicking here.

Enjoy the sun xx



I was so sad and sorry when my last yoga teacher decided to move home to Italy. I thought I would never find a better teacher & then… I found Chris. She delivers a wonderfully unique class which is a marriage of movement and breath. Her class delivers a complete workout for whatever level you’re at, whilst being easy on the body and calming the mind. I look forward to every class and have never felt stronger or better.

C. Horgan

Christine conveys an immense passion for yoga. Her energy is palpable. She also has a discerning understanding of how the body works when practicing yoga. I really enjoy her classes which leave me feeling full of positivity!

D. O’Reilly

Christine is a great yoga teacher and I recommend you give her a go.  She is very spiritual but her love of family and her surroundings come through clearly in her teaching - I have wished so many times to be with her in Dublin on the beach, in the studio, in the park! I have loved her classes via Zoom and her early morning Rise and Shine class has been a fantastic start to my day.  She is very knowledgeable and clearly puts a lot into planning each month and each week. Her classes are well prepared and she takes time to explain positions with variations too so that it is suitable for many levels. Having practised with her for 6 months, she keeps her practice interesting with different themes so that no 2 classes are completely the same.  I am loving my yoga journey with her and look forward to it continuing for many years.

N. Roberts

Absolutely love Chris’s yoga classes. It has become a staple part of my week to keep my mind clear and my body right. Chris is a fantastic teacher and I especially enjoy her meditation and reflections during class. Chris herself is such a fantastic person both inside and out and her light is infectious! 

S. Foley



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